Take a Trip on Our Time & Space Machine for a Closer Look at the Anza Borrego Desert Today...
and a Million Years Ago!


Hold down your mouse and pan the image to look across the valley. Hold the [Shift] key to zoom the image and the [Control] key to pan out. Look for "Hot Spots" by clicking on the question mark and then click on the highlighted areas to go deep into the past

As you look across the valley and down to Fonts point you see a desert landscape. But step back 1 million years or so

[ Lake Jennings] and you'll see a lush savannah that included rivers, streams, lakes, a forest, and vegetation to support an abundance of wildlife.

[Art reconstruction] The Pleistocene saw horses, mammoths, camels, lamas, cats, bears, rodents, lizards, and birds. In fact, the bird with the largest wingspan (16 feet) ever to fly over North America soared over ancient Anza-Borrego skies.


Step Back in Time

Imagine the view of Ancient Anza-Borrego a million years ago. This Virtual Time Machine pans today’s landscape and then lets you step through a window to the past to see the land as did ancient camels, saber tooth cats, bears, llamas, horses, mammoths and a host of other Pleistocene animals. When you visit Anza-Borrego Desert State Park and the park Visitor Center, you can walk into the past to discover these worlds for yourself.